O’Shea Scarborough

O'Shea Scarborough

Located in South Seattle, in beautiful and scenic Tukwila, WA, on the banks of the Duwamish River, we constantly run back and forth to Eastern Washington to either hang out with the growers, comfort the grapes, or gently pick them and nurture them at the winery.  Once in possession, there is an old cliché which we like to stand by:  “You can make bad wine with good grapes, but you can’t make good wine with bad grapes.”  We make sure the vineyards are top-notch, then try not to mess it up.

We started making Washington garage wines in 2003 based off this crazy notion that we could make Washington wine a little differently.  Whether we succeeded is up to you.  O’Shea, a Washington native, and Scarborough, a St. Helena (Napa Valley) native, merged their winemaking skills into one, and in 2005 the winery was formed.  Starting with only 300 cases of wine, we’ve been growing slowly but steadily.  In 2009 we produced almost 2,000 cases.  We’ve leveled off our production so that we always know the taste of each barrel. For the love of wine, we hope you enjoy!