Rebello Wines

Rebello Wines

We developed the range after branching out from my parent’s strawberry farm, Sunny Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula. Like most Italian families that came to Australia, my grandparents brought with them agricultural and winemaking techniques handed down over generations.

We have taken this legacy and made it our own with a respect for the traditional rules of how wine is made, but also a healthy disrespect for the rules of how it should taste. It’s an exciting time to be making wine in Australia as we’re at the forefront of innovative blending catering to discerning customer tastes. “Our wines simply reflect who we are and what we like to drink”. It’s a fusion of our great loves… indulgence, wine, cocktails, good times with friends, beautiful design and quality so there’s no nasty next mornings!

Realising the potential of strawberry wines, in 2005 we took things up a notch and through the help of a government grant, were able to purchase specialised equipment for the production of Strawberry Wines. In 2008 in conjunction with the release of our long awaited “Strawbellini”, Sunny Ridge Wines was rebranded “Rebello Wines”.

We’re passionate about our wines, so much so that in 2008 we named our premium sparkling after our baby girl Charlotte.

Rebello wines, a little cheeky, innovative yet respecting tradition… We like to think of it as a strawberry rebellion.

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