The Warrior

2007 The Warrior

An innovative recipe for success? How about this? Take a young but pretty substantial Merlot, put a big, bearded guy on it and, maybe for kicks, a Soviet-style red star. Perfect! But seriously, take a couple long looks at this enticing Washington red from the folks at Cork House Wines up in Seattle. As they say, “The Warrior is merely a bad-ass, as is this wine”. It’s 88% Merlot but comes off more like a Cabernet. It is fuller-bodied and creamy in texture, and with more fleshiness than a lot of folks associate with Washington reds, but all is balanced (13.7% alc.), with spicy highlights to the cassis fruit. It’s a character-filled bottle of red that takes no prisoners, in a Merlot sort of way…and that’s a good thing. The 2007 vintage in Washington was definitely riper than the norm and this one can definitely play with California counterparts, but there’s still a slightly cooler edge to the fruit that speaks of its origins. In the end it’s a lot of juice for the tab.

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